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We are a tour company, that has worked for over seven years in the region of Loreto, Baja California Sur. In addition to our supply of land and sea transportation, we also offer guided tours to various unavoidable sites of the peninsula of Baja California, always offering adventures off the beaten path.

Unspoiled beaches, pristine land, majestic Sierras, intricate union between the mountains, desert and sea, the peninsula of Baja California appears as a thin silhouette of land northwest of Mexico. Spectacular and warm territory. Her graceful form stretches over about 1300 kilometers, developing along a spine - an uninterrupted succession of mountains - many treasures. In addition to volcanoes, salt deserts, sandy beaches and pristine lagoons, the peninsula is a place of unexpected encounters.

Despite its desert nature, Baja California hosts an incredible biodiversity, thanks to their geographic isolation and the variety of microclimates. Its flora and fauna, particularly rich and varied, were adapted to extreme climatic conditions such wilderness is the reason why many species are endemic here.

The cacti, succulent plants and other desert species inhabiting about three quarters of the country, offer coyotes, mountain lions, rabbits and reptiles of all kinds, the site of a dwelling-place. At the height of the sea, cormorants, gray herons, pelicans and osprey coexist peacefully with some colonies of sea lions who chose home on the islands of the Sea of ​​Cortes. True "world's aquarium" as Jacques Cousteau loved to describe it, the waters of ​​the Gulf of California also happen to be a true marine sanctuary that captivates the eyes of those who love diving.

In addition to dolphins, permanent inhabitants of the waters surrounding the peninsula, the Sea of ​​Cortez as well as the Pacific lagoons also temporarily housed the largest of marine mammals: gray blue whale, fin whales and grey whales ... This impressive animal greets observers each winter with pleasure.

If the wealth of biodiversity seems to define this land that invites the silence and rest, is also a region of culture, history and tradition: from cave paintings left by its first inhabitants to the remains of the Jesuit missions, the peninsula offers its visitors eager for knowledge and passionate its share of stories, legends and anecdotes ... Although isolated from the rest of Mexico, Baja California also appears as a land suffused with a motley mix between Latino culture and culture of the Far West.

Land of the setting sun, this place has inexhaustible richness ... as the mythical land of
"El Dorado" which constantly reveals the curiosity of visitors. Authentic immaculate land, is certainly one of few places that remain privileged, kind of paradise suitable for ecotourism.

´´Desert and Sea Expeditions, We work to make your stay an exciting, and relaxing one, giving you unforgettable memories for life.´´



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