We are fortunate to live in a beautiful place, where nature has been particularly kind; But not all of us are aware of the fact that what we have may not last forever.

Throughout the peninsula of Baja California, we find several ecosystems and diverse micro-climates, some of them will seem abundant of water but the truth is that this is a limited resource. Although it sometimes does not seem like it, we live in a desert.

Loreto is located in a unique geographical position between the calm waters of the sea of ​​Cortes to the east and protected by the impressive Sierra de la Giganta to the west. This nearby mountain range serves the dual purpose of protecting us from the inclemencies of the time coming from the Pacific, and as a natural collector of water on which our existence in the desert depends.

Fortunately, the aquifers from which Loreto obtains water have managed to recharge with the last rainy seasons. Knowing that in the desert of the peninsula we can suffer severe years of drought, we should all be willing to make wise use of our precious water reserve.

Now that Loreto lives in a reality in which it has slowly but surely become a tourist destination, we know that it is more important to emphasize the correct use of our resources, since these are the key to the next years of survival.

We want people to enjoy the beauty of this place, and for this we constantly encourage our visitors to respect and love the wonders of this land.

So please, on your next visit to Loreto and surroundings:

1.-Practice the concept "without trace" when exploring or camping.

2.-Try not to consume anything from disposable plastics.

3.-Do not alter the natural course of water.

4.-Take quick showers at your hotel.

5.-Do not throw trash. Charge everything you waste until you find a dump.

6.-Do not waste water.

7.-Learn about the difficulties people are experiencing in order to survive in the desert.

8.-Respect the local place and resources.

9.-Help us to keep Loreto as an eco-tourist destination.

10.-Enjoy and spread the word.

We are happy to share information with our visitors. Do you want to know more about the water in this desert? Ask the Desert & Sea guides.