Every April we have to fire our beloved blue whales, who come from Alaska to breed and feed on the Sea of ​​Cortez.

After our many excursions every year in the bay of Loreto, to see these mammals - the largest animal in the world - we can not help feeling sad when they leave. But this season we felt exceptionally lucky, as we had wonderful close encounters with them. We can not but smile and protect our sea to return the following seasons.

If you have not yet seen a blue whale, the Sea of ​​Cortez is undoubtedly a natural sanctuary for these and other marine mammals.

At Desert & Sea we love taking people on Our boats, And give them the opportunity to see the largest animal on the planet. So if you are thinking about it, read more about our tours here. Write us or call us, To reserve or request reports.

In the meantime, we are excited to share some images that the talented photographer Maia Welch Kindly allowed us to show off after our successful whale day.Whale_boat

The back of a blue whale diving with Danzante Island in the background.


Recording sighting


Very close!!!


Oops… oh my god! went straight under the boat


Confirming your presence on the horizon


Blue Giant vs Sierra de La Giganta

We hope you enjoyed the photographs, and that soon you will accompany us on one of our expeditions. Follow our adventures through our page Facebook