It is difficult to compare the joy of seeing water in the desert.

The Baja California Baja peninsula can be hostile and to some degree cruel territory in years of drought. Fortunately, in recent years we have had a good amount of rain. For Loreto the normal expectation of the rainy season is from June to October. It is a delight to see the great changes in nature when there is plenty of water.

The last seasons we have had late hurricanes, these leave large trails of rain in the mountains that in the consecutive days runs through the stream feeding life in its path. This results in green landscapes, oasis between mountains, increased reproduction of local fauna and flowers and fruits in the desert. Definitely, the people of the ranches that sow or dedicate to the cattle ranch are those who more have enjoyed the beneficial effects of the rain. 

For those who visit us during the summer or fall these changes are very visible. Small mammals, rodents, reptiles, butterflies, bees and countless curious insects go out to meet those who venture to explore the landscape after the rains.

Without doubt the Sierra de la Giganta is a unique place with a complex ecosystem, we feel blessed by the privilege of living in such a paradise.

This is another of the many reasons to visit Loreto Baja California Sur.