We are lucky to live in a very beautiful place where nature has been particularly gracious; but not everybody is fully aware of the fact that what we have might not last forever.

The entire Peninsula of Baja California has several ecosystems and micro-climates, some of which might seem plentyful of water, but the truth is that it is a limited resource; even when it does not look like one, we do live in a desert.

Loreto is conveniently located in a unique geographic position between the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez to the east  and protected by the impressive Sierra de La Giganta on the west side.The range of mountains near by, serves the double purpose of protecting us from the Pacific bad weather, and as a natural collector for the water that we depend on for our living.
We are right now on a lucky year since the last hurricane seasons and minor storms along the year, left good amount of water to recharge our aquifers. Knowing that the Baja desert can suffer severe years of drought, we should all be willing to make judicious use of our precious water reserve.

Now that Loreto has slowly been turning into a touristic destination, we know that is even more important to emphasize in the correct use of our resources, as such are the key to future years of survival.

We want people to enjoy the beauty of this place, and strongly encourage everybody to respect and love the wonders of this land. So please,on your next visit to Loreto and surrounding areas

1.-Practice leave no trace when hiking and camping.

2.-Try not to consume plastic.

3.-Do not disturb the natural cause of water ways.

4.-Take quick showers at your hotel.

5.-Do not litter. Carry your trash until you find a garbage can.

6.-Don´t waste any water.

7.-Learn about the hardship of people surviving in the desert.

8.-Respect the place and the local resources.

9.-Help us keep Loreto an eco-touristic destination.

10.-Enjoy and spread the word.

We are happy to share information with our visitors. Do you want to learn more about water in the desert?

ask your guide when you are on a trip with us.