Our company Desert & Sea Expeditions is certified as a shipping agent to represent the interests of ship owners, passengers, and operators. We provide the assistance or advice required to arrive at the port or once already moored.

Our services include:

  • Reserve the pier for the landing and boarding.
  • Be the liaison and provide information on the crew and passengers to the local migration department, including all documentation necessary to prove that the vessel complies with all international regulations and standards, as this will always be required and inspected by the inspectors. Customs in each port.
  • Carry out the logistics in order to load fuel and acquire new supplies.
  • Organize procedures to facilitate crew changes, including all migration documentation necessary to achieve such change.
  • Special services such as booking hotels, providing transportation and local guides for activities.
  • Medical attention: air ambulance, ground transportation to hospitals, private doctor with service to the boat.

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