Hidden in the central portion of the Baja California peninsula, in some cases just a few kilometers from Loreto, thousands of striking paintings and petro-engravings survive the inclemencies of weather, sun exposure, and vandalism; sheltered naturally in caves or stone panels. Thanks to these artistic samples we can see the passage of the ancient settlers through this peninsula. The prehispanic natives of the area chose these secret places according to circumstances of survival (where they would have water and food for several days), it is believed that in these places they held their meetings and ceremonies, it is believed that in those occasions it was when the strokes or carved in stone.

What do these figures represent? No one is quite clear, although archaeologists and specialists in the matter deduce that they could be experiential scenes, shamanic visions, anecdotes of war, censuses, basic astronomical estimates, and sometimes simple traces of their passage through the site, and That being nomadic groups never stayed too long in one place.

Regarding the pigments and the techniques used for both painting and stone engraving, various archaeologists through scientific tests have identified several plant and mineral components, as well as the blood of an animal. The current inhabitants of the peninsula often say they believe they may have also used the ink of some mollusk.

In terms of themes, forms and concepts, in some regions we find very defined paintings with clear representations of animal form, others with interesting and distorted impressions of the human scale, and some sites are characterized more by abstract representations, where symbols and marks are they mix making them impossible to decipher.

Most of these sites are in the depths of some canyon, near some water source collected by the mountains, enveloped by the unique landscape of this mysterious land.

Desert & Sea Expeditions offers different places of excursion, to explore these ancestral artistic representations:

1) Canipole or Pinguica Low-deer

2) Tres Marías

3) Stones Pints

4) San Borjita

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