While is true that Loreto BCS It has become globally recognized as the paradise on the banks of Sea of ​​Cortez, We want to show you that in the nearby Sierra de la Giganta, innumerable treasures are hidden, intrinsically linked to the past of this land.

A clear example of these treasures are the legacy that the ancient inhabitants of the peninsula left printed in the landscape. On peculiarly detailed and complex occasions, as many mere abstract simulations, rock paintings and petroglyphs are vestiges of the pre-Hispanic nomadic groups, they constitute our direct door to the magical millenary past of the Peninsula of Baja California.

Just 62 kms away from Loreto heading north, we find a detour to the site known locally as La Pingüica or Canipolé. From there we walk approximately 20 minutes of dirt, until we find the place where we parked the vehicles and we began our walk of 50 minutes by the bed of a dry stream.

The paintings of this area are of a rather abstract type, and although small they stand out for their interesting range of colors and the peculiarity of the figures.

Pinguica in canipole MVC-018S

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