Nothing compares to the joy of seeing water in the desert.

Baja can be hostile and somewhat cruel in years of drought, but lately we have been lucky enough to count 3 years of good rains. In Loreto the usual expectancy will be to have a few heavy rains only during summer (Jun-Sept). It is quite a delight, to see the big changes in nature when water is plentyful.

The past two years we had hurricanes approaching the peninsula and that brought us a lot of rain. Ever since the horrific “Odile”, Loreto has been geting at least one rain per month. This is definetely a good year for farm animals, for people growing food in the ranches, wild animals, bees, butterflies, and for explorers who love wandering in this landscape.

There is no doubt Sierra de la Giganta is a unique place with a complex ecosystem, we feel blessed to live in such a paradise.

This is yet another reason to visit us!